Why I blog.

Old photo booth strips.

I was nominated by Alison Jones for The Addictive Blog Award! Who knew such an award existed? And that I would ever be a nominee! From what I gather it’s a pretty low-key kind of award that you win just by being nominated (and writing an addictive blog! WHAT UP!). Nonetheless, I am flattered that someone would think of mine. While I had been planning a strategy to lobby for votes, or bribe the judges, I will instead answer the requisite question, “why do you blog?” 

When I was on Christmas break my freshman year of college, I started this blog because there’s something so cathartic about sharing your emotions on the web. I was lonely at home and missed my college friends bad. Plus, they were all writing blogs too. I wasn’t very confident or competent with writing, but I had been taking photos for a few years so I posted them along with my moody thoughts. 

Through several long years where I alternated between posting nothing at all and some really horrible writing, I started really getting into the content that I shared here. I suppose I also started to get a feel for writing, and I really enjoyed learning to articulate my perceptions of the world. I loved photography even more, and I found by adding a few words, a short and poetic thought, I was sort of able to express.. something Real.  

I have always needed convincing that it is okay to share about myself. I’ll admit, I feel pretty self-concious a lot of times when I post (like now? I’ve been proof-reading this for way too long. I need to just post it already!). I worry mostly that people will perceive that I take myself too seriously*, or that I am totally self-absorbed. But I really hope that they will be inspired and want to share what they’re doing too. Or maybe that they’ll just really like what I’m sharing. 

Most of the time, I blog because I see something or feel something that shakes my whole world, and you just can’t keep those kind of things to yourself. Other times, I blog to help myself remember to look because there’s always something there.

*To any friends reading this blog who haven’t seen me in real life for awhile, I still laugh a lot and make stupid (hilarious) jokes so DON’T WORRY I’M FINE. 
**The photo above is one I took at the National Museum of Iceland of old photo booth strips.