Weekend (Le Marais Poitevin)

Weekend (Le Marais Poitevin)Weekend (Le Marais Poitevin)Weekend (Le Marais Poitevin)Weekend (Le Marais Poitevin)

This was the last weekend before one of the other assistants returned to Germany, so we spent the weekend creating a few new memories together. We had a party on Saturday, and we were together on Sunday too. We even celebrated St. Patrick’s day at a pub in town after the party and wore some ridiculous hats while drinking a pint of Guinness. Favorite moment of the evening was definitely singing along to Born in the USA. I really get a kick out of being a foreigner sometimes. I also faked my way through a conversation when I couldn’t understand French over the music. Hopefully my excessive nodding and smiling wasn’t too obvious (or charming, at the very least).

On Sunday, we went on a little day trip to explore the area. We drove to several villages along the Marais Poitevin (I don’t even know how to describe this, so I linked to wikipedia). We were thrilled when we arrived in one of the villages and heard drums playing and found everyone gathered near the river. There were children in fairy costumes in wagons pulled by donkeys, and there was a boat in the river with a mannequin burning. It was so bizarre, but also the most exciting thing to walk into unexpectedly. Small towns with crazy traditions are great.