We bought a cheesecake to celebrate the end of classes and the start of a break. It marked the end of an era (for life, as of now, is segmented by the rotations of classes). Today, it really did feel like the whole universe was voting for it to end. 

It breathed its spring breath, a rather gusty breath that blew the little ones right over. 

I am marking off the last few things from my things that must be done list to begin the pursuit of all those other things that swirl in my head sometimes. And I plan to dig my toes farther into that earth-of-present I spoke of before. Oh, but I would rather not. I’m an idealist, a philosopher, a dreamer. I am not made for these valleys of life.

Someone said, “Brook, you’re out to get the most out of life.” and I thought, “I’m on the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shines ain’t always gonna be gold. I’ll be fine once I get. Yeah, I’ll be good.”