31 March 2012 31 March 2012


31 March 2012


There’s a story, a good one, behind these photos. It was a time that was rather tumultuous, and quite ordinary. That Saturday was spent eating brunch  at the tall tables in the dining commons, spending the afternoon cleaning my apartment and running errands. I made dinner with a friend and baked a coffee cake. With the cake still in the over, dinner steaming in front of me, I got a call from Elizabeth. “You haven’t made plans yet, have you?”  And so I raced (within the speed limit as I’ve always been a careful driver) an hour-and-a-half away to watch music happen.

There it was. Making no plans until it is almost too late. Shoving clothes in a bag. Running to the car. Driving with windows down and music up. Anticipating. 

I learned later that evening to call such moments “game time decisions.”