The extra work.

I must admit, my mind has been in a creative professional whirl. I spend too much time doing things that I feel neutral about, which has seemed to be give me an endless stream of motivation to figure out what I need to do to earn some street cred in the art world so I can do what I love. 

I’ve tried to share the product of that energy here, with the announcement that I am now a brand. There have been some other things happening, too! I shaped up my blog by adding my logo and some buttons on the sidebar. I didn’t even announce it, but one of those buttons leads to a pretty decent looking portfolio. I’d still like to add some of my design work, but I’m working on update a few pieces before I share. Another thing I did was create the option to subscribe to my blog by email. I usually announce my posts on facebook and twitter, but this is an option for those non-tumblrers who want to be sure not to miss a single thing (please hear a little bit of skepticism in that, otherwise I just sound arrogant).

I created a facebook page for my photography (and design?), too. I’ve been spending a lot of free time putting my name out locally, and this was an important step in marketing myself. I have been terrible at updating because I’ve been sick for the past couple of weeks, but I have some new ideas about how to use that page to offer updates that are more professional than I’d share on my personal page. There’s also another portfolio that I created, just for anyone thinking to hire me as a portrait photographer. You can find that riiiiight here

I’ve honestly really enjoyed putting the energy into all of this. I’ve spent many hours finagling code that I barely understand and trying to find resources that help me do what I want to do for free. It’s been a challenge that has made me excited to continue to do more. And I just can’t help but say, this blog is so enjoyable for me to write. Especially after I wrote this post, I suppose I really started to understand my own philosophy on why it is important to share. When I take a photo I am really proud of, I get excited knowing that I have a place to put it. And I even get to write! It’s refreshing. (Thanks, internet.) I wish I could express how much I appreciate everyone who has sent me kind texts, posted comments, or urged others to read what I write. It makes me feel so legitimate. And, I am just elated about the various people who found there way here through the Burning House project. Who would’ve thought?

Gush gush gush.