Something good.

Letter writing.

I love challenges. My freshman year, my roommate, Deutscher, and I would give ourselves food challenges to find healthy ways to eat in the cafeteria. We would impose “no dessert” rules on ourselves for a week at a time, which is really hard when you’re a freshman and there’s a soft serve machine.

Awhile ago, I found something called 30 Days of GOOD - a monthly challenge created by a news group called Good. This month’s challenge is Digital Makeover. There have been few topics so far that have been really helpful such as creating better passwords and tracking time online. Today’s challenge is to send a letter.

I shared this in hopes that a few might be willing to accept. Letter writing can be a difficult practice. Finding enough to talk about without any dialogue can lose the best of us. But say, it sure is nice to receive a pretty little envelope in the mail, with some handwritten gesture inside. It can be a little notecard with a note as short as a text message, a magazine clipping with a few handwritten remarks, or a long thought out correspondence straight out of the 19th century. I really think you should do it. 

Oh, and I’d love to hear if you do.