On being sick (in France).

Being sick in France.

So, I got a little sick (just a cold, no biggie mom) a few days after I arrived. Right away, I was able to experience the trials of communicating illness in another language (all I knew previously was “I am sick”). I even went to a pharmacy where I was given some mint smelling oil medecine to put in my tea. I’m not sure if it made me feel better. I’m not ever sure if it was meant to treat my particular symptoms at all, but I kind of liked how it made my tea taste and it makes taking medicine a much more pleasant experience than usual.

It’s been difficult to recover from travel while fighting a cold, though. I haven’t been able to explore the area as much as I would like because I haven’t really had the energy. And my lack of concentration has made any conversation in French a bit challenging. I’m daydreaming a little for the day I speak French more fluently and can share more of life with the others around me.

I really love it here, and am beyond grateful for the chance to be living my exact dream life. A little spontaneous, a little rough around the edges, and full of good food.

Stay tuned, because I hope to introduce my charming little town soon. My internet connections has been horrible, but it seems to be working now. Also, feel free to follow me on twitter to find out what every 15 year old boy in France is dying to know about Americans, and other candid remarks on daily life as a foreigner.