Living in France, month three.

French Flower Market
French Flower Market

It seems I spoke too soon on my last post. I did start feeling better, but then this weekend I caught another cold. I’ll admit, it’s probably my own fault I got sick the second time. It’s just so hard to stay home and rest when it’s Spring and I feel like my time in France is racing by. Today is officially the end of my third month in France. 

Here are some tiny things about my life during the past month:

  • There’s been a surprising sense of patriotism that has come out while I’ve been abroad. Every once in awhile, I just want to tell everyone all the awesome things about the US.
  • At the same time, I absolutely wish I were French and never want to leave.
  • It’s not terribly wise to point out things that are difficult for you to pronounce to a native speaker, especially when it’s a word you use often. It will cause the person with whom you’re speaking to snicker every time you use it thereafter (those darn “R”s can be tough).
  • Turns out, the word for shirt and folder are the same in French (or at least in my region). This is pretty confusing when a student asks you to get a “chemise” for her professor, and you don’t see a blue/green shirt anywhere in her locker.
  • My neighborhood must be some sort of retirement community, because I only ever see older folks when I’m out walking. This means a lot of precious old men in berets smiling as I pass, which I don’t mind.
  • Running for a train will never not seem romantic. 
  • A boy told me I was perfect because I said I love wine, bread, and cheese. Why am I not living here forever?   
  • Being a foreigner teaches you important life skills, like how to make friends with anyone who seems like they might be in their 20s.
  • Dinner should always follow this formula: aperitif, salad, entrée, cheese, dessert. 
  • Espresso should always be served with a chocolate on the side.