If this blog is any kind of archive,

Two weeks ago, I arrived in DC from Iceland. Since then I have …

said hello to nearly everyone I know in Indiana, voyaged to the state of illinois to watch some artists in a (Chicago) city flat, returned to Ohio, unpacked boxes, reclaimed a my old room, applied for jobs, grilled some asparagus like a champ, reacquainted myself with the beast of coffeeshops, visited Carley’s new (Columbus) city flat, ate granola at Northstar Café , had ice cream at Jeni’s, spent the afternoon at the library, read the Catcher in the Rye in two days, felt like a real phony, watched my sister’s dance recital, edited photos, played with the new puppy, lost my battery charger, remembered that I am a stinkin’ college graduate, got churched with a southern gospel twist, talked about the ways things change, and didn’t take pictures of any of it.