French life.

French life and great adventures.

In two weeks (yes, only two) I am actually, finally, leaving for France to go on the kind of adventure I always seem to be going on about. It’s something I’m doing, not because it leads to a good job or a comfortable future, but because it promises to change me in a way that nothing else can. 

I’ve been all nerves lately. I’ve only known for a little while that I would be leaving so soon, and it felt like there was so much to do before I could leave. So, I’ve been navigating all the red tape that is the French bureaucracy, including taking two trips to Chicago within a week to obtain a visa, and finally booking my flight. The nerves now are different, not as much related to whether I will get everything organized and submitted in time, but rather worrying about the difficulty of communicating in a second language and realizing what I will be missing when I’m gone. 

The journey has been wild already, and I can’t wait to see what is to come. Even more, I can’t wait to share. Please forgive me if I’m a little quiet in the meantime. I promise to try to share all that I can once I’m there, but for now I’m going to be planning, and packing, and making the most of the time until. Oh, and reviewing my French verb charts. 

(p.s. I got a Wacom tablet for Christmas! While I aspire to use it for greater things than just adding my handwriting to photos, it’s a good way for me to get used to it. I hope everyone had a good Christmas!)