Me, by Elizabeth.Energy has been flowing through my body since a few evenings ago. I read a blog post that struck an existing tension, and I wrote out my thoughts about it. I almost posted it here, but I’ve decided to first offer it for submission to the campus newspaper. (Perhaps, it will find its way here eventually.)  

And then today, or yesterday as it is. We organized a little musical event here on Campus, and I spent most of the day making preparations. The energy of that event would have been enough to keep me up tonight. The atmosphere and musicians were fantastic. (More about that, too, will make its way to here.)

But, in the last few hours, my mind is alert pondering dreams (and achieving them!). Ironic. But really, I just feel like I need to extract some of these thoughts from my mind and allow them to manifest as words. I’m feeling pretty confident that this is the only way to sleep, and I have adventures planned for tomorrow that require a keen mind. 

This blog has been a creative release for me. I love photographing my life experiences, and I really enjoy finding the words to go with them. I am a poet and a storyteller, and my perceptions need an escape. The creative processing that takes place here is meaningful to me. There is a certain vulnerability that exists in this space though, and sometimes that is strange for me to share. I’m growing in confidence, though, as my desire for my creativity to exist in community overpowers my fears. 

One of the thoughts keeping me awake centered around this space, and how I can utilize this as a resource in my artistic endeavors. At one point I had thought starting a new blog altogether, but I found that I am rather attached to the history that I’ve created here. For awhile though, I have felt the need for a direction, a voice. I want to be intentional about the things I write about here, but without destroying the life behind it all. 

Tonight, I have thought of a solution. One that is only generally specific. I desire to use this space to explore my present and future as an artist. I want to document my process of finding myself in this crazy world, and I want to share it with anticipation that my story might shape others’. I want to share projects I’m working on and developments in my artistic career. With this, I want to share about how all of the things I do are influencing that journey. This includes sharing about people and places and experiences that are changing and shaping. I want to share about things like music and food and coffee and adventure. And always, I want these things to be inspiring. 

As the future of my little space unfolds, I think there will be little changes most felt by me. I worry about presenting myself wholly and truthfully. In the coming days I might have to fight that internal battle and simply speak as a storyteller. I think that is more my role, anyway. And as another blogger has said before, this space will never represent the whole truth. 

photo by elizabeth