Catherine Catherine Catherine Catherine

While I was still in the process of earning my art degree, I would muse about what I wanted to be when I finished school. I wondered what possibilities lay ahead and what it would take to take to support myself with this thing I seem to like doing. Honestly, I swore it would never be family photos. It’s seems so very… uncreative. While I appreciate beauty and I love photos of people, the ones I aspire to take have never been the ones people want to hand out to their grandmothers. Lately, I’ve been taking the very kind of photos grandmothers love. It’s shown me that I just really love making photographs, no matter what. 

Last weekend, I had a photo shoot with this sweet little girl named Catherine. I loved the challenge of trying to really capture her personality while allowing my personality as a photographer to show too. I loved hearing how happy these photos made her mother and grandmother. While they may not be the last word in art, I think they are beautiful. Who knows where I’ll end up or what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life, but if this were a part of it I wouldn’t feel too bad about it.  

However, I would still like the chance to be a world-renowned travel photographer, so if anyone out there has a job they’d like to give me I’m available. Just sayin’.

((The photos I shared here are my personal favorites, but there are a lot more that are pretty darn cute on my facebook page.))