Brook is now a brand.

Brook-Made logoBrook-Made logo

One cool/weird/narcissistic thing you get to do as a designer is make yourself into a brand. You get to have a logo and business cards. It’s all super grown-up and professional. “Here, take my card. Give me a call if you need anything.” Those are the kind of things you get to say when you’re a brand.  

I’ve decided to market my artwork under the title Brook-Made. I wanted something super simple that used my name, but I wanted to switch it up from just using my first and last name (and my middle name makes me sound like a true child of the 90s). I had been calling this blog “a natural stream of fresh water” because that’s the dictionary definition of my name, but that’s a little too long to be a good brand name and it’s a little too close to all of the photography studios called “breath of life” -not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not me. 

I’m really excited to be sharing this. I’ve mostly used this space for posting photography, but I really like doing design too. As I was thinking through these designs, I also found myself thinking about what I really want to do. I thought about the idea of dropping graphic design marketing myself only as a photographer, but I’m finding that I am just as driven to be a good designer as I am about being a good photographer. I’ve just had more time to work on the latter. 

In the next week or so I’m hoping to post a link to a portfolio site I’ve been working on, and maybe a little bit more about my dreams and ideas. I don’t actually know coding, so I was really lucky to find this portfolio hosting site that has some awesome templates.

Until then, enjoy the new blog layout and logo.