Hello, it's me.


Long time, no see Sweet Blog of Mine. I've struggled the past two or so years about how to find a creative outlet when working a not-so-creative job, so here I am. Back to my old ways of posting what inspires me, for me. I'm looking to kind of separate the blog from my photography business some and aim more towards more "lifestyle" content, if you will.

Moment of truth here, I've always wanted to have a style blog. I've always been a little camera shy and never felt like I was good enough to post pictures of myself. I've heard people say your 30s are some of the best years because you finally stop giving a f*** about what anyone has to say, and lean into being "young". I'm not quite 30 (almost 28), but I kind of feel that. Who cares if I have cellulite on my legs or that I have a giant scar on my arm from surgery. I truly feel excited about what I'm wearing, or when I find new ways to do my hair or makeup and I just want to share because it feels good. I'll be sharing links to what I'm wearing too, just in case you're interested. 

I've archived some blog posts relating to my photography, and will probably be sharing more photos of me - eek. And hopefully some helpful thoughts from my world. My goal *fingers crossed* is one post a week. Here you'll find some style, beauty, home decor, travel, possibly some recipes, and some of my own musings on whatever I find interesting in the moment. Follow along for more daily curated posts on my instagram.

Thank you so much to Natasha Anne Photography for the photos!