Making the most of a long commute.


I've alway imagined, in my dream future, that I'd work at a job very close to home. I'd use a bike to get back and forth, and my carbon footprint would be minimal. Instead, I drive about an hour a day and the number of miles I've put on my car makes me cringe. I know it won't always be this way, but while it is I want to make the most of that hour I spend in the car. 

Here's what I've been listening to:

Serial - I remember hearing about this on an episode of This American Life (which is another good one). I completely forgot about it until everyone started chatting about it on twitter. I started writing this list about a week ago, and am now finished listening to this series. I felt sad when it was over. 
The Lively Show - The format is interview based, and she's usually talking to blogger/creative type women. Some of my favorite topics have been minimalism, mental health, and exploration of intentional living. I liked this one and this one.  
Call Your Girlfriend - I think this one touches my heart because it's two best friends who never seem to live in the same place for long. Since my closest friends live in Iowa, Spain, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Oregon, I feel it. They talk a lot of current culture, feminism, and whatever else comes up.
Being Boss - This is about being a girl boss. So far I've only listened to the pilot, but I'm looking forward to listening to more. It gets my brain moving. 
The Honest Home - I haven't listened to this one yet, but I plan to start here
Love + Radio - Also, haven't listened yet but I'm definitely intrigued. 

I'm also thinking that once I'm ready for something different, I'll be listening to Amy Poehler's book on audio.

I found this list of recommendations too. Any others that I missed?