I heart Columbus.

pistacia vera macarons
german village
german village columbus
pistacia vera crumbs

My friend Kellie came this weekend. To help me welcome life in a new city, and to reunite after her second year away in Spain. I got to know her many years ago as my freshman roommate with whom I bonded with over talks of loving travel and Europe, though neither of us had seen much of either. The one with whom I spent senior year, procrastinating during finals, searching online for opportunities to go abroad and thinking of choosing Italy together. 

And here we are on the other side of becoming those people we once imagined. She chose Spain. I chose France. We met up in Italy. 

The streets in Columbus are too wide to be Europe, but we played tourists just the same and I tried my best to win her heart for this city the way that it has (so far) made me excited to call it home. 

We saw some of the very best things Columbus has to offer. We rented bikes using Columbus' bike share, CoGo. We rode along the river and made stops in the Short North and German Village. We made it through nearly every room at the Book Loft + tried and loved four flavors of macarons at Pistacia Vera. For lunch, we had a lot of pretzels from Brēzel and took all the free samples we could find in the North Market. A trip to Columbus would be amiss without a visit to Jeni's. Roasted cherries and goat cheese + salty caramel for her and cantaloupe and sun tea + riesling poached pear sorbet for me. We also spend a cool hour-and-a-half at Kroger sampling fancy cheese (among other things). We walked next door to the garden center and picked out plants for my soon-to-be house garden as we told each other our lives. 

We visited the Columbus Museum of Art, and celebrated that Sundays are free. I took three naps that day, and then we mustered enough energy to visit the Park of Roses just in time for sunset. We made a trip to the store just to buy ice cream and ate it twice in one day, and had just about the best Fourth of July weekend you could imagine.


And just for fun:

Kellie and I in Pisa
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Picking blueberries at her house last year