Paige is a senior.


Paige is another of my cousins (they're all beautiful, so I cannot complain). She's almost 7 years younger than me, so I remember when she was born and how exciting it was to have her around. I would hold her and pretend like she was mine (a real baby doll!). I remember when she went through a very serious Little Rascals phase and demanded she be called Darla. She's just finishing up her junior year, but we wanted to get a head start so that we could really get some amazing photos. She is a runner and a member of the FFA. She loves fashion, and has great taste in music. 

We started a secret pinboard about a month before the shoot where we gathered inspiration and wrote notes to each other about photo ideas. We mapped out locations and outfits, and figured out that we would want to do multiple shoots. It was really fun to plan, and even more fun to pull together. I think it worked out pretty well, if I do say so myself. Senior shoots are probably my favorite to do. They're a set of photos intended to express a great deal of personality, and it's so amazing to get to draw that out. Senior season is at hand, and I'm hoping to get to do a few more before summer's end. 

As a little expression of my love, seniors who book their shoot before June 13th will receive a free photo book of photos from their session. Use my nifty contact form or email me directly at to set up a consultation.